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Urban Nation was established on August 19th, 2003; it was officially known as Urban Nation Entertainment, owned by Lawrence Engerman. We are a third party agency, ultimately designed to create opportunities for young adults, most of who come from the Inner Cities.

Therefore, our organization is predominantly minority based. We aren't a non-profit organization or charity of any kind nor are we affiliated with any charities. Our company strives for professionalism and we teach our young adults how to be socially accepted business professionals. Each sales person is an independent contractor under the management of his or her particular sales organization or dealer. Sales people do not receive a salary.

 EMPLOYEE Analysis. CONTACT Information.
Their income is based solely on commission plus bonuses so many of our sales people develop a great work ethic. Each sales person works on a point system; for every magazine sold he/she receives a certain amount of points. This is a way for our sales organizations to keep score on how well that sales person is doing socially and professionally. Our sales organizations travel to 40 major cities and states. All agents live in a dorm-like setting environment.   URBAN NATION ENTERTAINMENT
904 W. Montgomery St.  Suites 4-326
Willis, TX  77378

Tel:  936.890.8304

Toll Free:  1.800.586.0134

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